I’ve loved baking ever since my grandma showed me how to make a cake at the age of 5. I used to bake the weirdest things as a kid, but whether it turned out delicious or a disaster I always enjoyed the process.


Before I went vegan, I worked as an assistant at a bakery for 4 years, where I learned the ins and outs of traditional baking. I was paid minimum wage, I was doing shifts of sometimes 16, 17 and even 18 hours (!!!) I used to come home exhausted, with a mixture flour and sugar in my hair, all kinds of weird things stuck to my clothes and barely keeping my eyes open…

I loved every minute of it.


Going vegan actually presented a big crisis in my life. Aside of that horror and shock you feel when you finally learn how your food is made I was faced with the challenge of vegan baking.

Going back to using animal products was in no way an option for me anymore so it felt like I had to learn everything from scratch. Mind you this was about 8 years ago when veganism was nowhere near as popular as it is today.


I started trying every vegan recipe I could find, and very quickly became frustrated as I was trying to apply my previous knowledge to what I was doing and nothing tasted right. I stopped baking for a while. I think I was kind of depressed to be honest ‘cause it felt like I was giving up something I really enjoyed and made me happy.


I got tired of feeling this way, so I went back and tried the easiest recipe I could find. It was a chocolate mousse, only 2 ingredients, chocolate and coconut milk. I had never used coconut milk before so I was curious about how it would turn out. Loe and behold the thing was a hit. It was creamy and rich and chocolatey and everybody loved it! I tweaked the recipe a few times and made it my own. I moved on to new ingredients, new techniques, things I never would have thought could work (meringue out of chickpea water? For real?) and little by little I found a whole new world of baking.


I opened this site with the hope of making that transition easier for you. To let you know there is SO MUCH out there you can try to find your flavors, to show you that vegan baking can be easy and fun and delicious! and mainly so that poor vegan coworker of yours can finally come to your events ;)


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